Dr Ilija Lakicevic – video zero point energy – new science


I am Ilija Lakicevic, doctor of physics, research Professor since 1995, and since 2001 been working as independent researcher belonging to no one organized and structured form of energy – neither institution nor organization.
During last thirteen years I made real breakthrough and came into mind knowing of cause and, among other things, I made measurements that irrefutable prove that atom is not what Rutherford-Bohr suggested and I’m going
to present in this meeting my JULA atom concept with irrefutable experimental proofs,
and with a comprehensive study of new concepts with clear intention to
throw out of window ALL currently accepted scientific concepts!

The early scientists believed that the world was flat.
They could see it with their own eyes. Those words were the belief of the ages.They still are.
Ptolemy believed them and changed the whole world’s belief because of it.
All that was theretofore accepted as truth was thrown out of the window.
Copernicus believed those words and again threw all that was theretofore known out the window.
How many times that has happened during the ages up to the expanding universe and the Rutherford-Bohr construction of the atom theories, one does not know because each new concept affected the whole structure in so subtle a way that one could not positively say that the whole of it was thrown out the window.
Now is the time to come out of electric awareness of physical expression and expand into cosmic awareness
of spiritual expression!

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