Aquarius: The Age of the Heretic

With thanks to aadivaahan!

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As the world turns, it turns out, it has not always turned this way, the way we know it to turn.

In fact, the near deification of NewTon (that’s right and left, new ton, he was all about the fall, of the apple (how biblical)) was because it was the role of his theories to convince us that the universe as we know it is indeed ordered and logical and that we need not worry.

His it was to convince us that this is how it has been, god the triangulator between him/his son and the mysterious holy ghost would keep this ticking like clockwork, from billions of years ago and for billions of years yet to come.

Science and it’s bastard spawn of Scientism would be shoveled down the throat of generations of post enlightenmenters (us included) that that it was all deterministic. Don’t worry. Be happy.


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