Atlantis Corporation — 13:20 FREQUENCY SHIFT Kin 106, White Lunar Worldbridger Clear sign on tomb lid of Pacal Votan The following piece by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan is more […]

Atlantis Corporation — 13:20 FREQUENCY SHIFT
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5 commentsJuliet Mathison

Indeed, the disengagement from the artificial 12:60 timing is fundamental to all aspects of humanity’s process of self-remembrance and the reclamation of sovereignty. It is the unnatural 12:60 time structure that is largely responsible for holding the false matrix hologram in place. The organic structures of natural time will always align us to the natural forces that govern the cyclic unfoldment of Divine expression through all life forms. From the orbit of the electrons around our own atomic structures to the cycles of the ascension of the human species and everything in between, all will find it’s own perfect way when aligned to natural timing. The Ancient Druidic tradition has always known this, as is demonstrated through the fundamental practice of the Tree Ogham, or Calendar of the Sacred Trees. This calendar of 13 moons journeys through 13 ‘groves’, each grove corresponding to a tree whose energy is at its most powerful during that particular moon. The alignment with the energies of each tree as one progresses through the year deepens one’s connection with the cycles of nature. This connection with natural cycles is of paramount importance as we unify to dislodge the false matrix hologram through our personal and collective processes of self retrieval.
At the time of this writing, we find ourselves in the Grove of the Oak. The Oak brings strength, survival, grounding, rootedness, truth, power, ancient wisdom and Earth Magick. As we continue through the Cosmic Turtle Moon of Presence and enter into the ten-day string of Galactic Activation Portal days, let’s invite the power and wisdom of the Mighty Oak to join us and support us in anchoring the organic matrix of the sovereign self and divine, natural time.
In Lak’ech,
Juliet Galactic Monkey

  1. Stephanie SouthJuliet Mathisonthank you for this great info Juliet!


Thank you for sharing this information. Quite an eye opener.nexing

Well, I’ll try to be sucint here. The dualistic view of the sudden appearance of money as both the only 1, efficient transaction f value mechanism and 2, instrument to hold value over time, strongly limits the potential lessons from viewing the human history.

Just visit the three power waves historic model by Alvin Toffler “The Third Wave” book(1980), continuation of “Future Schock” 1970) where. he focuses on the transmission of power and secondarily on the means to transfer or source it.
In his model the use of *FORCE* or in its extreme as violence and war is the first instrument utilized to obtain/conquer power by way of domination. That wave encompassed millenia, from hunter-gathering tribes, and also agricultural societies. Second historic wave came via industrialisation that brought massification, repetitive production of goods, etc and utilized *MONEY* allowing the coordination of complex sectors, specialized sciences and material resources. The third wave is the *KNOWLEDGE* era, facilitated by books, education and the spread, multiplication and crossfeeding of sciences. Discoveries rule and command the power which is much more fluid. Internet makes these paradigm shifts exponential.

In the first wave the strongest tribes, and warriors capture power and the ownership of the land was a mean to keep and transfer power, together with armies. Differently on the second wave private fortunes arised and so Coal, Iron Petrol and Banking Barons hold sometimes even greater power than kings. On the third wave, innovation, inventionst, spread changes in power much fastly.
Knowledge is not “singly possesed” like land or mining resources, it can be accessed by thousands by means of its publication, and patents last only a time lapse. Technology holds and spreads power rapidly now.

As you see this model with three sequential factors, give a much accurate view of such complex issues as POWER and the transmission of value at many respects.
In contrast to the above cited time versus space essay, which portrays only partial and not so relevant events. Therefore it produces comparatively limited conclusions.
There are other models and crystals through which observe and study our trayectory as Humanity and to view complex societies. We do live in revolutionary times indeed.

Does the A.Corporation article bring the ultimate advancement in the comprehension of power and the way people organizes and relates? I doubt it. It might have its message and help some of us to search for the true value of our decisions, maybe helps to lift veils…
However dichotomic views like that are proper of past centuries, fruit of reductionist approaches or illuminated visions. Nowadays we are able to witnessi new interdisciplinary science crossfeeding with novel methods, plus deeper mathematical, phylosophy and sociological studies.
However, yes, some of these novel consciousness models and tools may produce results similar to those proposed by the highly intuitive work of J. Arguelles…

///As humans our compass is inside, and ultimately apart from information and past experiences we inherit the responsibility to attune and judge our perspectives with honesty and coherence with those capacities, as a personal unique gift together with what unite as humans from all times.Garie LoGarie Lo

「13:20 FREQUENCY SHIFT 」在 2020年7月14日 週二,上午4:21 寫道:

> Stephanie South posted: “ Kin 106, White Lunar Worldbridger > Clear sign > on tomb lid of Pacal Votan The following piece by Jose Arguelles/Valum > Votan is more relevant than ever from The Call of Pacal Vo” >tao

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