Nano bots clean up protocol


  • Drink ONLY distilled water, as water with added electrolytes increases the condutivity of nanotechnology in the cells. Ensure you consume at least of liter of it from a copper vessel in which it has sat for 24 hours, every single day.
  • Use only antidiluvian Pink Himalayan Salt whichis a source of 84 minerals, NEVER sodium iodide table salt, kosher salt or sea salt, now radioactive and toxic with too many chemicals and isotopes to list here
  • Maintain an alkaline diet with a pH of at least 7.4
  • Be 100% vegan and consume as little factory-processed foods as possible
  • Take Potassium Iodide, Lugol’s Iodine or Nascent Iodine daily. Eat clean seaweed in he form of toasted nori sheets, take kelp tablets, blue-green algae and chlorella
  • Take Shilajit daily: it is a superfood, and also goes by thename Fulvic Acid. It helps nerves regenerate according to their innate DNA blueprint, and counteracts the neural reprogramming of the BioAPI
  • Alternately consume Bentonite Clay (BC), Diatomeacous earth (DE), Zeolite Clinoptilolite and activated wild-harvest non-GMO coconut shell charcoal
  • Make and eat probiotic and fermented foods such as fermented cabbage, kombucha, water kefir and kvass, brined/countertop or refrigerator-pickled fruits and vegetables
  • Wear strong neodymium magnets at different points on your body, and especially along the Median Brachial Nerve which runs from C4-C6 alongside the right jugular vein and down behind your right clavicle to the shoulder, inner (medial) elbow joint and to your wrist and then thumb, index and middle fingers and associating palm area of hand
  • Wearing protective gloves, make a skull cap made from at least a dozen layers of aluminum foil, shaping it like a helmet, close-fitting but easy on/off. Apply clear packing tape over it to protect from touching the metal, whichis a neurotoxin. If you can use copper sheets, do so! Most people can only access aluminum. You can wear this as often as you feel it helps, and you will know when based on the targeted frequency you are being assaulted with.
  • Tape a magnet to the center between the left and right lobes of the brain just about 2″ from your hairline, and another just above your brainstem, being sure that the north side of the magnet faces your skull. This short-circuits the nanotechnology BioAPI network contantly trying to overwrite your brain circuitry.
  • Wear quartz, hematite, shungite and other EMF-cancelling stones. Copper bracelets, necklaces and pendants help, and can be worn with attached magnets, with the attracting pole facing the skin (rule of thumb for magnet therapy)
  • Keep detoxing of heavy metals, molds, yeasts and parasites as instructed in the Combined Ropeworm Protocol Detoxification chapter from THE ASCENSION DIET – EATING TO ASCEND book.
  • Avoid programming from television, films, radio and podcasts. All things digital are weaponized. As well, LP, tapes and CDs are frequency-weaponized at 440 hertz onstead of natural pitch 432. IN addition, they include embedded imagery and cymatics, alpha, beta, delta and theta wave manipulation
  • Sing, draw, paint, walk in nature, listen to birds, help others (service to those in need) – BE GOOD
  • Do not wallow in regret, sadness or give in to waves of passionate emotions of any kind. Be like water, but in quietude and stillness. Practice breathing exercises, meditation, write letters of memories and put them in a box, a journal, even burn them. The mind is a playground of accusation and defeat. Discipline yourself to harness it constructively and study all the truths that had been hidden from you and the rest of the world. And remember: this world is transient and the unseen one we shape our soul’s destiny for is eternal, no matter what the junk science pseudo-authorities tell you
  • Habits take three weeks to break and replae with new ones
  • Fasting is key to regenerating your mind, body and spirit
  • Avoid WiFi and smart devices as much as possible inthe home, and do not allow LED lights in your environment AT ALL – they are modulated to entrain your brain and much worse
  • Do not mine or use cryptocurrency. It is a soultrap based on your biometric data and etheric energy harvesting. Trust that your needs will be met and do nothing that requires the beast system to survive. This is a process, especially for those new to survival and prepping, or who, like me, had everything stolen from them more than once (targeted individual since 1959)
  • Shield yourself from EMF frequencies as much as possible. Refer to my two separate articles with how to do so on this website
  • Wear only cotton, linen, silk and wool, and do not wear blended textiles: each must be 100% cotton, or 100% wool, etc. Mnimize the use of elastics, ployester threads, metal zippers, snaps or plastics, and cut out all labels with words and images to reduce unwanted cymatic-structured entity attachments
  • Rely on the sacred ancient texts and read the accounts of the martyrs for insight into what is happening now, and pray constantly, asking for wisdom and fortitude even when the 5G Spacefence and BioAPI enfection makes you feel “cut off from God”: YOU AREN’T. It’s a trick of Satan, who is the Advanced Artificial Intelligence everywhere and affecting everyone
  • When you bathe, which should only be when necessary unless treating systemic Lyme and Morgellons in the rampant stages, add at least 1 cup of Magnesium Sulfite (Epsom salt) crystals, and a half cup each of Pink Himalayan salt, Socium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) and Borax to the water. Twice a month bathe in Calcum Hyposulfite (Pool Shock)
  • 1/4-1/2tsp of Cream of Tartar (in spice category) in a cup of juice, tea or (always distilled) water is a way to make your system alkaline all day #hack
  • Use a TENS unit (if you are fortunate enoughto have one, many can be had for less than $20.00 online) to “shock” the nanotechnology in your body
  • I could go on… that is what the book is about – all of it focuses on understanding the beast system, for that is what this is, and maintaining optimal health.


Thank you very much for this information!

Son of Gomez – Bill Gates Assassination Conspiracy For more puppetmaster perspective, there is that PDF… read with great circumspection… Recall I wrote last year about the woman I met in India whose grandfather founded General Mills Foods, another targeted individual Phase 2 like me…


When the signal drops, only those whose eye is single will translate, meaning only THEIR SOULS will attain eternal life. All else will cease to exist in Satan’s digital borg quantum hell, which will be destroyed in pepetual fire of an imploded black hole.

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