As the Human species evolves towards greater compassion and understanding there will be a huge paradigm shift.
Over the next several years, you will see Humans realizing: in becoming more compassionate–they will become more Human.

This existence is predicated upon an innumerable number of potentialities that result in an infinite number of probabilities.

Subsequently, both Universe and Dimension, allow for infinite variety that is paradoxically infinite, yet ultimately a singularity of connectivity.

The part you play in your life is the same part you play in the life of all others. Division cannot exist between beings, because division does not exist in the Universe. You are a part of everything and everyone you interact with, and even with those you don’t realize you do.

Thus to cooperate with others is to cooperate with yourself: your greater humanity, and your ultimate reality. This is the beginning of divinity.

Everything belongs to the original source. Think of yourselves as many colors making up the totality of the Light. This guides your heart. It will guide your actions…and it will change the world.

Deep from the Desert,



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