Society breaks down

Society Breaks Down


by Zen Gardner

It’s not nice out there these days. While the wake up rolls on behind the scenes, the charade of projected insanity on the world screen only grows worse and more surreal as the world is pushed further and further from any semblance of sanity and truth.

It’s a dangerous time.

This distended polarization has become so extreme something has to snap – and soon. The danger will increase exponentially when that happens as people have become essentially psychotic to put up with this bullshit bombardment. As a result, everything will be on the rebound when the dam of lies breaks and all these infected minds stretched to their limits begin to snap.

All by design. Brought to you from the minds of psychopathic entities that feed off of all this. Whatever you do, don’t take their mind under any circumstance. Fear is the tractor beam. Stay clear of it, even when everything breaks loose.

Dazed and Crazed

I don’t mean to emphasize the negative here, but this is a reality we need to be well aware of and not get caught up in. I’ve been in countries during martial law and emergency situations and it’s no fun. People really freak out. Fear goes on a rampage, rumors spread like wild fire. When you hear gunshots, I mean big guns, and machine gun fire in the streets, and local establishments get trashed and set on fire, the frosty, false illusion is likewise smashed and the reaction by the mass mind is not an experience you ever want again.

My youngest was born at night during curfew hours in Iran when people were routinely shot. This was during the uprising just before the Shah was booted out and Khomeini arrived in the late 70′s. We had to have a police escort to the hospital which wasn’t easy to arrange. We would have left Iran earlier as the violence escalated but no airline would take my wife being so close to giving birth. So we had to wait until he was born, while several jumbo jets were flown in to evacuate the Americans in Tehran. I was just an English teacher and editor so we weren’t on “the list” to get help anyway.

Even then, after the birth, the US Embassy wouldn’t give us a passport for him unless I could meet all these inane requirements such as proving I was in the US over at least so many years before the age of 21, which at that time would take a document being mailed from the US. The postal system was on strike as was most everything in Iran and the phones were shut down periodically, as was the power. All hell was breaking loose. We got warnings under our door that they were going to sacrifice an American for the coming Islamic holiday.

We were very near the University when the whole movement started and angry students were all over our area. Not a comfortable time, especially as the south of the city was going up in flames and the slaughter of the demonstrators by the Iranian guard was happening almost every night.

I Hope You’re Getting the Picture

You might have seen these kinds of events in movies but to experience them first hand is a whole other story. Most Americans have not experienced anything like this. It was several generations ago that saw the last real tough survival conditions in the US. That’s partially what caused my parents’ generation to become so materialistic as they had enough of this scarcity and war and worked their buns off to create a prosperous environment.

We know that was manipulated but the common man was motivated and ingenuity abounded in this American work ethic atmosphere.

The majority of the US population and that of many other prosperous countries have no idea what those conditions are like. Third world countries experience basic hardships on a daily basis and have seen a lot more in their lives that has toughened them up to some of the harsher realities of life. Americans get upset if their game is postponed or favorite TV show is cancelled. I mean people call 9-1-1 if their local fried chicken isn’t available. The place is nuts.

All they’ve known on their own soil are self inflicted wounds like 9/11 and all these staged shootings and bombings to justify the oligarchs’ wars and crackdowns. You can be sure whatever brings on martial law officially will be more of the same. Just as they have imploded every country they’re occupying in the middle east they’re doing the same to their own citizens – financially, mentally, physically, socially and politically.

While it’s as plain as the nose on their entranced collective face they just refuse to see it.

As Mark Twain rightly said, “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” How apt.


Black Friday massacre – Tehran Sept. 8, 1978 – up to 3000 murdered

The Rest of the Story

To finish my story, the Embassy refused to give us a passport until we met these unmeetable conditions. You may have read how the US Embassy was completely inept in how they handled the whole thing, and we got to see it up close and personal. As I exclaimed to the Vice Consul, “Don’t you see what is happening here?” with my arms outstretched, as if on cue several clips of machine gun fire rang out just a block or two away. It was surreal. I stared at him as I pointed to the open window where the sound came from. He didn’t budge.

We came back the next day to try again, hoping to get someone else. Sure enough the Vice Consul had gone to Isfahan, a city in southern Iran, and the next in charge said when I explained what happened, “What? This is ridiculous!” and we had a passport in about 10 minutes. Bless her, she was sane. Within a few days the five of us made the last flight out to where we were going, getting through a very confused airport with our basic belongings and heaving a huge sigh of relief once the plane was airborne.

As for the Vice Consul, we heard the next day in the news that he had been beaten up in Isfahan by an angry crowd. That was the day after refusing us. He wasn’t killed but had gotten pretty roughed up. I guess his wake up was getting a little jump start.


All That To Say…

It won’t be pretty when it happens. The Iranian people had seen a lot of suffering under the Shah, which began when the previous ruler was ousted by the U.S. CIA to gain control and oil rights etc. That and overtaking the banking system and other natural resources is their ongoing standard operating procedure.

So the Iranians experienced a kind of continual, institutional martial law, much like the U.S. is experiencing like a creeping paralysis, but the reality hasn’t kicked into the American consciousness yet. Same with India. I was there during Indira Gandhi’s “Emergency” when she grabbed the reins real tight, and the Indians rolled with it. Life is fragile and one day at a time in India, even though they’ve become such a powerhouse. Reality smacks you right between the eyes there, there’s no escaping it.

Americans? For the most part they’re blindly insane comfort cravers. They have insane eating habits. They have insane, insatiable media cravings. They have insane ego-centric materialism centered lives. They promote and condone war without knowing why except for what they are told. And they insanely defend a fundamentally freemasonic cryptocracy with some vague notion of ideals without knowing what anything even means.

Thankfully there’s a growing swathe of those that are awakening with many wonderful people trying to improve things, but those psychotic symptoms exist in varying degrees in an all too large majority.



The list of insanities is a long one. You know the drill.

It’s been bred into them. Those who don’t wake up are extremely infected, whomever or whatever you want to blame. The onus is on them for falling for it, as it was on us until we snapped out of it and started to take action. But beware, as each day goes by the infection worsens.

Why do you think this zombie meme is so prevalent?

Be prepared is all I can say. If you’re gonna stick it out there you’d better be ready for anything because it ain’t gonna be pretty, especially in the big cities. Obviously some will react more rationally and responsibly than others, but when these types of unravellings happen things get seriously out of control. Especially with the majority of the population suffering from an abject psychosis.

At least band together with loved ones and community. I’ve been exploring possibilities for some time and you might want to as well if you’re so led.

I just want people to be mentally and spiritually prepared. If we do that consciously, the physical preparations will come naturally.

Don’t fear. But don’t be ignorant either.



Much love, Zen



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